Dave Horn

Dave Horn


Dave, has two kids, Madison (18) and Tyson (15), who are both very active in competitive soccer, lacrosse, and basketball. He has coached several of their teams, and remains on the sidelines as a proud father, cheering them on. He and his partner, Tracie, live in Northwest Portland, where they enjoy weekend projects in their new home, running and hiking, or just being with family.

Jon Gallagher

Jon Gallagher

CAD Manager

Have you ever tried to teach someone to play the guitar? Jon has. Helping someone to do something new means being able to break down the process into digestible pieces and then come up with the language to communicate next steps and actions into something that can be understood. Sound like drafting structural engineering plans? Indeed. Jon has a knack for it - and if he can do it for a guitar newbie, we have every confidence he can do it for our HCE clients, too.

Armed with an Associate's Degree in Computer-Aided-Design (CAD), Jon answered a "Help Wanted" ad and the rest - as they say - is history. A drafter's attention to detail and problem-solving serves Jon well in his CAD Manager role at HCE. His ingenuity, synergistic approach and good old-fashioned work ethic are assets to HCE and to our clients.

When not giving guitar lessons, Jon and his wife, Dawn, can be found at home with their son, Ronan - who will likely grow up to draft his own fantasy baseball team. Like father, like son.

Renee Conlee

Renee Conlee-Brown

Office Manager

She makes things happen, she gets things done and she’s the keeper of all things.  In other words, Renee is a work-world wizard who plays a key administrative role at HCE.  She is the guiding light for all comings and goings, and the glue that holds the ship together.  How she joined the crew at HCE is a full-circle tale of growing up, seeking new adventures and coming home again.

Renee worked as the Office Manager for her father’s successful, small-by-design Conlee Engineers Inc. (CEI) firm for 6 years.  Seeking new adventures, Renee eventually gained a hyphened-last name and jumped aboard the largest continually operating outdoor arts and crafts market in the nation (Portland Saturday Market) where she excelled in the role of Promotions Coordinator and handled a multitude of managerial duties including advertising campaigns and special events.

Now with a family of her own, and back at the same office where she “grew up,” Renee has come full circle.  In fact, she sits at the same desk where she first greeted clients – including future-HCE-Principal Dave Horn – in 1994.

Renee’s multifaceted background is of boundless benefit for HCE and our clients.  Nothing fazes her.  No detail escapes her attention.  She is an anchor in a swirling sea of endeavor.  She and her Irish husband, Dave Brown, have two anchors as well – Findlay and Rosa, who no doubt will share the same sense of adventure as their very talented mom.

Jon Gallagher

Marshall Atmore

CAD Drafter

Oh to be young with a passion for soccer and dirt bike riding! Well that's exactly what HCE's newest addition Marshall, brings to the table from his personal side. He shows that same level of passion for his projects / work as he does on the pitch / road.



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